Using platon-truffle console

Sometimes it’s nice to work with your contracts interactively for testing and debugging purposes, or for executing transactions by hand. platon truffle provides you one easy way to do this via an interactive console, with your contracts available and ready to use.

  • platon-truffle console: A basic interactive console connecting to any PlatON client

Why console?

Reasons to use platon-truffle console:

  • You have a client you’re already using, such as platon
  • You want to migrate to a testnet (or the main PlatON network)
  • You want to use a specific mnemonic or account list


All commands require that you be in your project folder. You do not need to be at the root.


To launch the console:

truffle console

This will look for a network definition called development in the configuration, and connect to it, if available. You can override this using the --network <name> option or customize the development network settings. See more details in the Networks section as well as the command reference.

When you load the console, you’ll immediately see the following prompt:


This tells you you’re running within a platon truffle console using the development network.


Both platon truffle Develop and the console provide most of the features available in the platon truffle command line tool. For instance, you can type migrate --reset within the console, and it will be interpreted the same as if you ran platon-truffle migrate --reset on the command line.

Additionally, both platon truffle Develop and the console have the following features:

  • All of your compiled contracts are available and ready for use.
  • After each command (such as migrate --reset) your contracts are reprovisioned so you can start using the newly assigned addresses and binaries immediately.
  • The web3 library is made available and is set to connect to your PlatON client.

Commands available

  • init
  • compile
  • deploy
  • exec
  • help
  • migrate
  • networks
  • opcode
  • test
  • version

If a platon truffle command is not available, it is because it is not relevant for an existing project (for example, init) or wouldn’t make sense (for example, console).

See full command reference for more information.